Extract colors

Javascript library to extract color palette from images simple, fast and lightweight
support browser and Node.js

Image example
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Random image from Unsplash

Getting started

Install Extract Colors on your project with NPM

npm install extract-colorsnpm install extract-colors get-pixels

Extract color palette with the followed code

import { extractColors } from 'extract-colors'

const src = 'my-image.jpg'

const path = require('path')
const getPixels = require("get-pixels")
const { extractColors } = require('extract-colors')

const src = path.join(__dirname, './my-image.jpg')

getPixels(src, (err, pixels) => {
  if(!err) {
    const data = [...pixels.data]
    const [width, height] = pixels.shape

    extractColors({ data, width, height })

🚀 Performant

This script use two pass. The first optimize calculation to reduce time. The second sort colors with precise calculations.

🌐 Browser & NodeJs

Core function are similar for NodeJs and browser. Extract Colors expose multiple export: browser, NodeJs and ECMAScript Modules.

Typescript support

Fully coded in Typescript to take advantage of typing.

🪡 Fine-grained control

All the options allow you to precisely parameterize the calculations.


Firefox 29+
Chrome 33+
Edge 12+
Opera 19+
Safari 8+
Webview Android 4.4.3+
Samsung Internet 2.0+
Internet Explorer
Node.js 6.0+